Throughout time and history, there was already a history of feudalism and slavery towards women and children. Before, there was a notion that women are inferior and should pay their respects to men. Women have been seen as slaves, as people who are discriminated for their gender, and as people who belong to the lowest level of the social strata.

These things are the main reason why until now the call for the liberation and thorough freedom of women is still addressed; today, there are a lot of laws in the world that have been formulated and implemented in order to save and protect women and children. The advocacy to eradicate violence against women and children is still pursued up until now.

Today, in the modern society, there are thousands and even billions of women all over the world who are now rising to deviate from the social norm that states and defines women as people who are in the lower class. Going back to the history of the world, it is blatant why the culture of violating the rights of women is still rampant until today. This is because this kind of notion has been passed from culture to culture throughout the generations all over the world.

In the present day, there are still plenty of women who are still suffering from distress and psychological trauma because of the different misery and anguish caused by the violations of their human rights as a woman and as a human being. A lot of women are victims of human trafficking and sex slavery. That is why there are a lot of women who badly needs to undergo psychosocial therapy and psychological treatment.

Women who have been victims of rape and abuse have different kinds of experiences that truly affect their social and moral thinking. They are traumatized by the pain that abusive men have caused them. They need proper treatment such as psychosocial intervention or psychological debriefing. This will help them relieve the pain through a lot and a long process.

A perfect environment that would give them the ambiance of peace and relaxation is very much needed. They need to release their anger, their frustrations, their stress, and all the pain that they feel. Sometimes, women who were abused in the past have different strange mentalities. Some just stay quiet and hopeless; some shows silence however you can feel that they are really disturbed. While for others, they do not talk at all however they act hysterical in the most unexpected ways.

There are a lot of struggles that women go through especially when they have suffered from abuse and human right violations. They totally change from the happy women before, they transform into someone really strange and unimaginable. These women do not trust easily. Because they have experienced from trusting people before and just ends up being in pain because of the abusive actions towards them by the people whom they treat as someone close.

There are various cases of rape, and domestic violence against women and children. Women are the most affected by these harms because they are looked down most of the time because of the existence of the belief that women are always weak and powerless when in fact, women are strong. Women are powerful in the most strange ways – from the moment that they suffer from monthly periods, to carrying a child inside their womb, up to taking care of the children and managing house chores. Women are really powerful enough to rise and stand up for their rights. Because in a society that looks down to women, the need to fight for their rights is urgent, and that time is now.

Abused women like them should be saved and protected. The help of the society is vital in order to achieve this. As a lot of psychologists, therapists, and non-governmental organizations who support and protect women’s rights fight for these abused women, they also need support from the community. This is not just an issue of women themselves. This is an issue of the next generations yet to come, this is an issue of men, and this is an issue of everyone. The world will never be alive without women. The world will never survive without the need of women.

In order to help women get over the trauma that they have been suffering from, a peaceful and relaxing sanctuary should be given to them. Women who suffer from abuse should not even be called “victims.”  This connotes a negative term that usually implies that women can never survive again. They should be termed as “survivors.” Make them feel that they can get over this problem. Make them feel that they are not alone in this battle, and they will never be.

The help of having an aquarium in the sanctuary can give the survivors a significant stress relief. It has a positive psychological effect according to studies. This will bring them comfort and coolness as they touch the water or watch the fishes swim. Having a lot of flowers and lush shrubs and trees in the garden inside the sanctuary would also make them feel relaxed and have a very refreshing feeling. On the other hand, having a comfortable carpet as if it went through the carpet cleaning Delray Beach is really important. Battered women should have the time to relax on the floor and do some exercises where they can lay down on the floor comfortably and with at ease.

Women play a vital role in the community and even in the whole world. As what Mao Zedong has said, “Women hold up half the sky” which reminds us that a woman is very powerful in so many ways. Women are not only powerful in terms of power or strength. But women are powerful in terms of strong will. In this world of oppression, women should make this an opportunity to unite and to become even stronger to fight for just and lasting gender equity.